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Just like your car, preventive maintenance is vital to the continued trouble-free operation of your desktop or laptop.

We recommend service at least 2x a year. This involves a physically cleaning and a clean-up of the hard drive.

Issues can arise if software isn’t kept up-to-date. You don’t want to wait until a problem arises and it’s too late.


We are an authorized Carbonite reseller. We use it on all our computers and recommend it strongly to all our customers for their backup needs.

Carbonite offers unlimited backup for $59 per year per computer.
We offer a complete install, setup, and configuration service for $20 per computer.

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Don’t go another day with your personal, business, or other important files at risk to fire, theft, flood, power surges, or any number of potential issues. Even if you backup your data to an external drive it’s still at risk. You need the added safety of online backup.


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