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Desktop Exhaust Fan Replacement

Desktop Exhaust Fan


This is a old exhaust fan (left) that had become clogged over the years and stop working completely recently.  The replacement (right) can be installed by us inexpensively and will last for years ensuring the long life of your computer.

Proper airflow in any computer (desktop or laptop) is essential to ensure effective cooling of components. This is leads to less damage to hard drives, processors, ram, etc and will allow them to function longer without failure.  Over time heat can cause a computer not to boot, permanently damage the motherboard, or cause a hard drive failure resulting in loss of personal or business files.

If you computer is loud, slow, buggy, dirty, locks up, or any unusual behavior then it could be a result of  dust build-up or a bad fan.

If you are in the Hendersonville, Flat Rock, Fletcher, Mountain Home, Arden area please give us a call today setup an appointment to have your computer fixed before it is too late.



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