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Monthly archive for December 2012

Toshiba Laptop FBI MoneyPak Virus

Toshiba Laptop FBI Virus

Customer’s Toshiba laptop was infected with a variation on the FBI / MoneyPak virus / malware.  On boot-up the computer’s screen would be immediately taken over by a threat wanting $200 to be paid to release it.  When it was in this state the computer was completely function less.  You could not do anything but view the warning.

We were able to removed the infection and save the customer data and computer for only $89.  If you have this or any virus or even if you suspect you might please give us a call.

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Overheating Toshiba Laptop Fan Replacement

Overheating Toshiba Laptop Fan Replacement Before and After

Overheating Toshiba Laptop Fan Replacement Before and After

Customer’s Toshiba laptop was overheating constantly causing the fan loudly and at full speed constantly.  The old fan was clogged with dirt and dust and would not spin at full speed.  The fan was replaced and resulted in a 50 degree Fahrenheit temperature drop.  This allows the laptop to function for years to come with no lock-ups, overheating, and excessive fan noise.

Excessive heat in a laptop can result in a dead motherboard, damaged cpu, bad hard drive, and loss of data.  If your computer’s fan is running loud please give us a call to have it cleaned or replaced.

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